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How to get out of our problems

No one wants to stop ln his life

Nowadays no one wants to stop ln his life, not even for a single second because everyone wants to do better on what is he doing. Most of the people are not happy about his work as they want much better every time.Only a few people are happy about his work and that’s the root of happiness for them.

In this continuous race of life we always forget ourselves, hence, as a result, we start surrounding with little problems and we just ignore them b, coz we think that these problems are harmless, but that’s not true. For being the best we have to love yourself, we have to take care of yourself, that we never do.

Only a single step is enough to disturb our livelihood. That is not our only problem. Everyone has a problem in his life not only adults. The main root of the problem starts from that day when we start listening others and follow others.


We always have to everyone has a problem in his life not only adults. The main root of the problem starts from that day when we start listening others and follow others.We always have to listen to yourself and follow yourself not others as others only give us suggestions they cannot give us an experience, so just try to take your own experiences.

If there is no one to tell you that “YOU CANNOT DO THAT”, you will be absolutely able to do that work.This is very strange to say that we can do impossible works, but that is really true. There is a story which can prove it.

Best Story

“Once upon a time there were two friends Rohan and Sohan living in a village, they both were besties. Rohan was 12 years and Sohan was of 6 years only. One day they decided to have around in the jungle, they packed their food and started their journey taking permission from their parents.

After walking few steps they get tired and took some rest under a tree. They took their meals and again started their journey. They both were enjoying their trip. Rohan was walking forward and Sohan was just following him. Once while walking Rohan slipped and accidentally fell in a well.

Sohan is now the only guy who can save his friend, he was not able to think that what he has to do, and he has no option to call anyone for his help as they were very far from their village. Suddenly, he saw a rope and bucket attached with that well, without thinking anything he through a bucket in well and told his friend to hold that bucket.

Rohan holds that bucket and Sohan started pulling the rope, at last, he had saved his friend. They both return to their village and narrate this incident to the villagers, but villagers can’t believe that a 6-year-old child had saved a 12-year-old child from a well. All were thinking that they are kidding and started laughing on both friends but there was a saint who was listening silently.

Villagers asked him if he has belief in these children. Saint replied that they are speaking the truth. Villagers asked how was it possible ??? saint answered “THERE WAS NO ONE TO TELL HIM THAT HE CAN NOT DO IT”, that’s the reason of Sohan’ s bravery.

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